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the abled movement

Who Are We?


We are a community made up of families and friends of special needs citizens.  Most of us have been directly impacted by a child or adult with special needs and challenges.  We don't look like most communities, we don't act like most communities, and we don't grow up like most communities.  But, we LOVE big!!

We are all built to live in community.  Our community promotes us to thrive, and encourages the best we have to come out of us.  Our special needs population is no different.  But their opportunities to live in community are vastly limited compared to the rest of us.







Why Are We?


There are many wonderful opportunities for our special needs children to learn, develop, grow, and discover their potential.  Stop into any pediatric neurologists office and you will find flyers among flyers pointing newly diagnosed families to the abundance of these opportunities.  Why?  Because these parents want to exhaust all options to bring the best out of their child.  They want to try anything out there to make their child "better."  As they get older, these opportunities slowly decrease for a variety of reasons.........almost all of which are completely understandable.  But, most school systems have great "special ed" and "life skills" programs.  This allows a structured environment with familiar faces where our children can continue to develop beginning at Age 6.  We are very fortunate that they are allowed to continue in the school system until Age 21.  But then what?  Opportunties for them at that point become few and far between.  Their desire for purpose and growth is as high as ever, but where do they go?  And for how long?  And who takes them there?  And who watches over them?  There is no more structured environment with responsible bus drivers and teachers to trust them with for the day.

The Abled Movement exists for two reasons, both of which are of equal importance:

  1. To bring awareness to the needs and desires of Adults with Special Needs, and the limited options available to them to discover and live out their Purpose.

  2. To raise funds that are then distributed to other Non-Profit organizations that provide these opportunities for Adults with Special Needs.



To learn more about the organizations that The Abled Movement supports, please visit the OUR PARTNERS page.

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