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the LOGO

Why the Logo?


A couple of years ago I gave a speach at a fundraiser for a great non-profit organization benefiting special needs children. The topic of my speech was "Mabry's Hope" which I did my best to bring from my daughters perspective.


As I was mapping out the speech, I was writing down ways in which Mabry is different from most her age, and ways in which she is similar to most her age.  My goal was to use this to connect how Mabry's Hope in life is no different than the hope of other young girls her age.


That's when something hit me that I had never realized.  We have always been so focused on Mabry's differences:  she looks different, she talks different, she walks different, she acts different, her motor skills are different, and her brain works different.  I never realized the glaring similarity that she has with everyone else.........her Heart.


Anatomically, her heart functions like a normal young girl.........and that's a big deal for us!!  But beyond that, I believe her heart FEELS just like ours.  I actually believe that her heart feels bigger than ours.  She loves bigger than I can love, and she hurts bigger than I can hurt.  Her heart is the purest that I know.


So the logo:  the vision of the logo has always been a heart, to symbolize one of the common similarities that special needs citizens have with everyone else.  But a stock graphic of a heart just wouldn't do it justice.  The Abled Heart was created by Mabry's handprints............and I can't think of a more perfect logo for what this movement represents.


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