What is the We Belong 100?

The WE BELONG 100 Challenge is a Fundraising and Awareness Campaign designed to encourage everyone that Inclusion of individuals with Special Needs and Disabilities is important 100% of the Time in 100% of Activities by 100% of People.  This campaign is run by The ABLED Movement who will distribute 100% of the profits generated from this campaign to other Non-Profits who offer Inclusive Opportunities to individuals with Special Needs and Disabilities.

What is the Challenge, and How Does it Work?

The Challenge is to “move” 100 miles in 11 Days!  From November 25th through December 5th - Challenge Participant can Run/Walk/Bike/Swim/Skate/Eliptical/Whatever ... for a combined 100 miles.  Each day participants will post their progress on social media using #webelong100 encouraging others to donate.  The Registration Cost to participate is $50 (plus tax and shipping), and with that you will receive a WE BELONG 100 T-Shirt.

Want to receive a “COOL KIDS” hoodie?  There are 2 ways to get one:

1 - Register and Pay (and receive a T-Shirt) - Complete the 100 miles in 11 Days - Screenshot your mileage tracker and share on social media with #webelong100


2 - Register and Pay (and receive a T-Shirt) - raise an additional $100 for The ABLED Movement through a Facebook fundraiser on your page (we can show you how to do this if you need help)

I want to Help, but I’m not interested in the Challenge.

Great!  We would love for you to Register as a Supporter!  Registration costs $50 (plus tax and shipping), and you receive one of our cool WE BELONG 100 shirts!