What is We Belong 100?


The WE BELONG 100 Challenge is a Fundraising and Awareness Campaign designed to encourage everyone that Inclusion of individuals with Special Needs and Disabilities is important 100% of the Time in 100% of Activities by 100% of People.  This campaign is run by The ABLED Movement who will distribute 100% of the profits generated from this campaign to other Non-Profits who offer Inclusive Opportunities to individuals with Special Needs and Disabilities - through a Grant Application process.

What is the Challenge, and How Does it Work?


The Challenge is to “move” 100 miles in 11 Days!  From November 26th through December 6th - Challenge Participant can Run/Walk/Bike/Swim/Skate/Eliptical/Whatever (non-motorized) ... for a combined 100 miles.  Each day participants will post their progress on social media using #webelong100 encouraging others to donate.  The Registration Cost to participate is $50, and with that you will receive a WE BELONG 100 shirt.

Want to receive an “INCLUSION IS DOPE” hoodie?  There are 2 ways to get one:

1 - Register and Pay (and receive a T-Shirt) - Complete the 100 miles in 11 Days - Screenshot your mileage tracker and share on social media with #webelong100


2 - Register and Pay (and receive a T-Shirt) - raise an additional $100 for The ABLED Movement through a Facebook fundraiser on your page (we can show you how to do this if you need help)

I want to Help, but I’m not interested in the Challenge.


Great!  We would love for you to Register as a Supporter!  Registration costs $50, and you receive one of our cool WE BELONG 100 shirts!